10 Things Humans Do That Dogs Don’t Like

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Although we love our dogs and try to do things that make them happy, we may be doing somethings that can make dogs sad, uncomfortable or scared. Since dogs can’t speak what they don’t like, we compiled a list of following 10 things that humans should avoid doing to their dogs:

  1. Abuse – Any form of physical or psychological abuse to dog can damage a bond of trust with its human. Avoid instilling fear in dogs by yelling, hitting, threatening, frightening or otherwise abusing them.
  2. Too much cuddling – Humans think that hugging is a universal way of showing love. However, many dogs don’t like to be picked up, cuddled like a baby or someone touching their face. Wrapping dogs in your arms may be interpreted as a sign of dominance and make them feel trapped.
  3. Giving commands with too many words – Many dog owners chat with their pooches. While it is ok to do, avoid using too many words while giving command to your dog. Use key words such as Sit, Stay, Play, Walk etc. with a tone and body language he knows to get your message across.
  4. Neglect – Almost all dogs require some form of physical activity. Some breeds require lot of exercise. Dogs that do not get regular exercise or playtime with their humans often become bored, sluggish and destructive to their environments. As a result, they engage in chewing, digging and running around the house breaking things. Make sure to walk your daily and engage in some other physical activity.
  5. Lack of structure – When humans do not provide proper structure, dogs do not like it. A proper structure is comforting to dogs. They like to do things like eating meals, exercise, walks, going to bathroom around the same time each day.
  6. Isolation – Dogs are pack animals. They like to be with other dogs or animals. You and your family is a pack for your dog. Do not leave them alone in the backyard or balcony of your flat.
  7. Not letting them sniffs around – Scents are the main source of information about the environment for your dog. They like to sniff and smell things in the environment where they live. A daily neighborhood walk with lot of sniffing is something every dog would like.
  8. Failure to socialize – Dogs who are not socialized or exposed to people, other dogs, sights or sounds tend to develop fearful reaction to these things. This is the main reason many dogs react aggressively or fearfully when in public. Give your dog chance to socialize on a regular basis.
  9. Lack of proper care – Dogs do not like when humans do not provide proper care. Dogs like to be groomed on a regular basis. Dogs also need proper vaccinations and veterinary care to avoid risk of major illness or early death.
  10. Leaving them to die or surrendering them to rescue centers – When humans leave them to die or surrender them to rescue centers, dogs become completely heartbroken. Dogs are part of our family and must be taken care of with love and affection.

Above tips will help you make sure your dog is living the happiest possible life!


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