8 Ways Dog Parks Help Your Pup

Do you have puppies at home? Yes, puppies have lots of charms you will adore for they are really cute and lovely. And as a responsible master for the pups, you need to pay attention to every single thing needed such as the meals, grooming, and also amusement. You may not realize it but pets need play time too, just like humans. And for puppies, going to dog parks can be a brilliant idea to spend the afternoon. Dog parks are considered as great spots for puppies to learn many things about dogs’ life like socialising, sharing, defending, and many more. You are going to be surprised after knowing how dog parks are beneficial for your cutie puppy.

1. Keeps your pup healthy

When you bring your puppy to a dog park, you give him a chance to ‘exercise’—running around the park, jumping, crawling, and so on. Yes, the puppy can also do that in the backyard in your home, yet in the dog park he gets different environment to deal with. But make sure to get him vaccinated before taking him to any dog park nearby to avoid diseases that may be there, spread by other pups or dogs.

2. Lowers your vet bills

As you can keep the puppy healthy by taking him sometimes to the dog park to play, automatically the vet bills will be reduced. There is no more sickness due to obesity or other possible health problems especially those that are caused by lack of exercise or depression. In this way, you can allocate the budget for visiting vet to something else, like buying better meals for your pup. However, still you need to see the vet regularly to do general checkups.

3. Increases your pup’s life expectancy

As your puppy lives healthier and happier, it is expected that he can have a longer lifespan. Most of the time, the lifespan of dogs highly depends on the breed itself and you can do nothing about that. Yet, you are able to increase the pup’s life expectancy by making him happier, more active, and more excited about his colorful life.

4. Reduces boredom

No matter how often you play with him at home with various activities and toys, boredom can come to your puppy. How can that happen? Because the place is always the same and he does not find a friend of his. Humans need humans, dogs need dogs. Playing in a dog park gives your puppy an opportunity to meet with other dogs and even make friends with them. Make sure you always keep an eye on him when he is playing with other dogs so you know when to call him back, for instance when fights happen.

5. Reduces destructive behavior

Some dogs are more active and aggressive than others that can be related to the potency to build destructive behaviors at home. You cannot take it as a natural trait of your pup since the habit can somehow become disturbing. Taking him to a dog park helps the puppy to release the desire to behave that way and as there are other dogs in there, he can learn how to manage his behavior.

6. Keeps your pup engaged

Doing nothing can make your puppy bored, lazy, and probably naughty. Taking him to the dog park means giving the puppy a place and time to be engaged thus he keeps active. He plays with other dogs, runs around, explores the new surroundings; he has minimum chance to just sit still and doing nothing in the park. He has a lot to do and enjoy in the place.

7. Helps maintain social skills

This is actually the most obvious and best benefit of taking your pup to a dog park that he can maintain his social skills. Just like humans who need to socialize with others, so do dogs. He needs to communicate with other dogs, learns to share, and greets each other. Take your puppy to a dog park when he is around 16 weeks of age thus he can get positive experience socialising with other dogs considering adult dogs are more patient with puppies.

8. Provides an opportunity to be in a four-legged pack

You get him back to the nature of dogs that he basically belongs to four-legged pack: a group of dogs. You bring the puppy to the community where he is supposed to be there so he is accustomed to be in the circle, not feeling too comfortable living with humans. Have any plan to take your pup to the dog park today?

Dog parks benefit infographic


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