Celebrate Independence Day Safely With Your Pet

Pet Celebration

Independence Day is a fun day for us as we celebrate freedom. Independence Day is also a day to remember all those who sacrificed for the nation. However, as we get ready to celebrate the big day with our friends and family, please remember that loud celebration activities can be a scary experience for our beloved pets.

So, please try to take below precautions to keep your pets safe this independence day:

  • Many dogs are intimidated by loud noise of fireworks. Try to keep your dogs inside in a room that is quite and covered with shades.
  • If your pets get scared by loud noise, make sure someone stays with him to calm him down. Give hugs to reassure your pet that he is safe.
  • Many pets tend to run away out of fear caused by loud celebration activities. So, make sure your pet has ID tag with your contact information attached to his collar.
  • Put your pet in his bed or cage with his favorite toys, treats and water.

Above all, pay attention to your pet’s needs. As pet parents, it is our responsibility to make sure our pets are comfortable with the situation. Spending some time to prepare will help you and your pet to have an enjoyable Independence day for all. Let the celebration begin!

Happy Independence Day To You All!

Petboro Team!


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