How to choose a perfect dog for your lifestyle?

Choosing a puppy

Having a dog is very exciting. Most dog owners consider their dogs as part of their family, treating them as children or friends. While everyone in the family would enjoy the company of new pet member, bringing a dog into your life is a major decision. Make sure you are absolutely ready to be a dog parent. You can talk to current dog owners or pet professionals in your area to learn about the cost and time commitment needed to be a dog parent. Make sure your house is dog-friendly with necessary supplies needed for dog care. If you have made your decision to own a dog, congratulations!

Now, it is time for you to find out which type of dog would be best for your lifestyle. Many people get dogs without thinking about lifestyle compatibility, resulting in not so good experiences for themselves and the dogs.  There are several important factors you need to look before deciding on the type of dog you like to bring to your home. Some people look for a cuddle friend who doesn’t need too much exercise. Some look for a sporty dog, family friendly dog or just a loyal companion. All of us are different and have different expectations. So, what might have worked for your friends, may not necessarily work for you.

Size of a dog is important. Some people prefer small dogs, while others prefer medium or large dogs.

The type of home you have, your personal preference and willingness to care for your dog would help you decide which size of dog would be good for you. If you live in an apartment with no yard, like to keep your dog on your lap and carry around, small size dog would be a good choice. Small dogs are delicate and vulnerable. The often need obedience training too. On the other hand, large dogs would need more space to move around, more dog food, and supplies which adds to cost of ownership. If you are not sure, you can go with the medium size dog.

Age is another factor to consider. Some people prefer to get a puppy, while others prefer an adult dog. A puppy would need the greatest amount of attention and time, especially in the first six months. On the other hand, puppy would be cute, cuddly and affectionate. As your puppy grows up, you will be able to help him mold his personality the way you like. Adult dog can be lot of fun too. If you get an adult dog, you will be able to skip the development phase of the dog which is most time consuming and destructive.

Every dog needs some type of physical maintenance. Some dogs tend to shed more hair, prone to ear infections, and drool more. Almost all dogs would need basic grooming. If you get a dog whose hair grows faster, it may be necessary to use advance routine grooming.

Activity level of a dog is also important to consider while selecting a dog. Some dog breeds are more energetic than others. Regular physical exercise is essential for all dogs irrespective of their breed to keep them happy and healthy. Dogs also like company. So, make sure you have enough time to be with them. If you can’t be around your dog during the day then try to find a dog daycare or boarding facility that can keep your dog socialize and provide necessary exercise.

Breed of a dog can help you learn a lot about your dog. Many people choose purebred dog breed as they like the physical look, personality, temperament, and behavior of a particular breed. Some people choose mixed breed as they like the personalities and physical characteristics of two or more dog breeds.

Finding the right dog can be a challenge. However, it is important to learn and be prepared before you bring the dog into your home. It will help you enjoy your dog’s company for a long time and wonderful moments to cherish for your lifetime.

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