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Dog Park Membership in India

Why Should I get Annual Dog Park Membership?
There is more to playtime than just having fun. Incorporating various forms of play on a regular basis is vital for your dog’s health and wellness.

Here are some of the benefits of regular dog playtime:

  • Physical Health – Regular exercise reduces obesity related health risks for your dog. Active play keeps dog’s heart healthy, improves his overall balance and coordination, and keeps joints lubricated.
  • Mental Health – Unlike walking, learning new tricks and following rules of games force your dog to use brain. This can help keep his mind sharp and focused.
  • Improved Behaviour – Lack of active playtime can make your dog bored, lazy, and probably naughty. Allowing your dog to release extra energy can greatly reduce destructive behaviour at home.
  • Social Skills – All dogs should get opportunities to play their natural games. Dogs are pack animals and enjoy playing with other four-legged friends. Socialisation can help your dog become friendlier and confident. Social skills are essentials for dogs to lead a happy life.
  • Bonding – Playtime is the best way to strengthen bond with your dog. Teaching new tricks and spending some quality time on a regular basis increases understanding of each other and creates memories that you can cherish forever!
  • Your Health – Why not reduce stress and get a bit of exercise for yourself? Actively playing with your dog is a great exercise while having fun. It’s a win-win for both of you!

Annual Dog Park Membership Benefits

  • 50 Days Pass – Off-leash Dog Park entry for one pet and two people. Visit our Dog Park 50 times in a year (two-hours of playtime per visit). Total 100 hours of family fun!
  • Invitation to Petboro’s private FREE events.
  • Birthday Party – Free Dog Park entry for up to 5 furry friends on member dog’s birthday. Pet parents can bring birthday cake and treats. Make your pet’s birthday a special one!
  • Health and Wellness for your furry friend.
  • Lots of memories to cherish for life!

petboro dog park membership

Who Should Get Petboro Dog Park Annual Membership?
Petboro Dog Park is like a gym for pets, but with lot more fun! Pets can run-around, play, socialize, and learn new tricks in completely secure area without leash.

Any dog parent who cares for the health and wellness of their fur kids should get the Petboro Dog Park Annual Membership. Dog parents who aspire for their dogs to participate in agility competitions can also take advantage of Petboro Dog Park membership.

Special Offer

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The annual membership is only Rs. 500 / month, billed annually.

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Give the gift of health and happiness to your furry family member, Get the Annual Membership Now!

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