Natural Dog Tick Repellent

Natural Dog Tick Repellent

Ticks carry dangerous bacteria that can cause variety of medical issues for your pet dog, including Lyme disease. Large number of ticks on dogs can cause dangerous amount of blood loss especially in puppies. In addition, removing large number of ticks would require a trip to your veterinarian that could easily cost anywhere between Rs. 700 – Rs. 2,000. Our furry family members make up a huge part of our life. So, preventing ticks on your pet dog should be a priority.

Just like human medications, popular dog medications, such as tick and flea preventatives are full of strange synthetic chemicals that could have potentially harmful side effects on your pet dogs. Additionally, kids who play with their dogs can also get exposed to these chemicals. An effective natural tick control program is essential for your dog’s health.

Petboro Natural Dog Tick Repellent is the best way to protect your furry family member from ticks, fleas, mosquitos, and flies. It works on all dog sizes and breeds.

No Chemicals

Our natural dog tick repellent has no harmful synthetic chemicals. All of the ingredients used are natural.

No Stains

Our natural dog tick repellent leaves no stain on dog’s fur or other things that dog’s might touch.


Dogs that accidentally lick our tick repellent will not experience any harmful issues that are usually caused by chemicals.

Pleasant Smell

Our natural dog tick repellent has a smell that is pleasant to dogs and dog owners like you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this tick repellent to kill ticks on my dog?

No, this is a tick repellent and not a tick killer. To remove large number of ticks, please consult your vet.

How many times should I use this tick repellent on my dog?

Ideally, every day before taking your dog out for a walk. Once a week in your dog’s cage, crate or kennel.

How long does this bottle last?

On average use for one dog, this size bottle should last 30-35 days.

Is your tick repellent tested?

Yes, we have been using the same tick repellent on our furry guests in the kennel for the past six months.

Where can I buy natural dog tick repellent?

You can buy it at following location:

Petboro Pet Resort and Kennels
Valepura Road, Varthur,
Near Madhurambike Temple,
Madhura Nagar Stage 3,
Whitefield, Bangalore – 560 087, India

Have a question?

For wholesale inquiries and questions about our natural tick repellent, please call or WhatsApp +91 7760401162