News9 TV Channel Special Report on Petboro Dog Park

The popular English TV news channel News9 in Bengaluru featured Petboro Dog Park. Woof…Woof!!!

Here is a part of excerpts from the special TV report and full video:

Bengaluru is certainly a pet friendly city. We have seen a lot of pet cafeterias and restaurants, but have you ever come across a pet park? If not, we will show you one. Let’s take a look!

Many people can’t image a life without their dog. For many of them best friend of man is not just saying. They experience it every day and now, a group of Bengalurians are showing their love for dogs in a unique way. They have come together and have opened a park for dogs in Varthur. This one of a kind park has play equipment for dogs. It is also maintained well. Many people bring their dogs here to give them an outing. There were about six people in the park to take care of the dogs. On weekends, there fur balls are more as owners bring their pets.

This park also has a boarding center where people can leave their pets while travelling or going to work. The dogs that come here are friendly and well trained. These dogs certainly don’t bite. They only play. There are different kinds of equipment in the park that keeps these dogs healthy and fit. There are equipment on which dogs can play and perform some tricks. And what they get after performing some tricks is some amazing treats.

This park is also a good place for the pets to socialize and meet other pets. Not only pets even their owners get to socialize. By the end of the day people who leave their dogs here for boarding see the video about how their dogs behaved whole day and that’s the kind a love these people give to dogs that are brought here.

Watch the full video:

To learn more about Petboro Dog Park, Click Here!


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