How to choose a perfect dog for your lifestyle?

Choosing a puppy

Having a dog is very exciting. Most dog owners consider their dogs as part of their family, treating them as children or friends. While everyone in the family would enjoy the company of new pet member, bringing a dog into your life is a major decision. Make sure you are absolutely ready to be a […]

Special Petboro Dog Park Membership – Unlimited Entry Days!

Dog Parks in Bengaluru

Dogs are the most amazing creatures who only know how to give unconditional love. Dogs give us their absolute all. We are the center of their universe. Dogs put their complete trust and faith in us. They teach us perseverance, selflessness, responsibility, and compassion. Dogs have short lives, but they spend most of it waiting […]

Deccan Herald Special Feature Video On Petboro Dog Park

Deccan Herald Newspaper

Deccan Herald is the most popular and respected local English newspaper in Bangalore. We are very excited that the newspaper decided to feature a special video coverage of Petboro Dog Park. Check out the video here: Link to the video on Deccan Herald website: Share on: WhatsApp

Petboro Dog Park Featured in Dogs and Pups Magazine

We are super excited! Petboro Dog Park is featured in the current issue of India’s most popular Pet magazine.   Share on: WhatsApp

It’s Our One Year Pawniversary!

Petboro Anniversary

We are very excited to have hit one year anniversary of Petboro Pet Resort and Kennels today serving many customers who have joined us in our vision to make petcare dependable, safe, convenient, fun, and easier for pet parents in Bengaluru. We like to sincerely thank pet parents who trusted us to care for their […]

News9 TV Channel Special Report on Petboro Dog Park

The popular English TV news channel News9 in Bengaluru featured Petboro Dog Park. Woof…Woof!!! Here is a part of excerpts from the special TV report and full video: Bengaluru is certainly a pet friendly city. We have seen a lot of pet cafeterias and restaurants, but have you ever come across a pet park? If […]

Dog Allergy Symptoms, Treatments, and Prevention

Is your dog constantly itching or licking? Most likely, he is suffering from allergies. Dog allergy is the most common and frustrating medical condition affecting primarily dogs. Allergy is the overreaction of environmental substances (allergens) by the dog’s immune system. For example, if a dog eats certain kinds of food and its immune system view […]

Petboro Dog Park Featured in Bangalore Mirror

Did you know Petboro Dog Park was featured on the front page of Bangalore Mirror? Share on: WhatsApp

Petboro Event – Free Dog Park Weekend Fun!

Free Dog Parks in India

For pet parents who have made a New Year’s resolution to embark on improving their canine companion’s health and wellness, Petboro is hosting a two-day free dog park event this weekend. Let your furry family member run around, jump, crawl and play freely with other four-legged friends in our off-leash dog park. This weekend will […]

Petboro Dog Park – Favourite Spot For Bangalore Pets

All sizes and ages of dogs love to run around, jump, and play with other four-legged friends. Regular playtime helps dogs release excess energy, reducing bevavioural issues. Exercising in fun ways help pets stay fit and active. Dogs are pack animals. They love to be with other dogs. Socialising with other furry friends also help […]