Pet Laws In India

Have a pet or just love dogs? You should be aware of laws and responsibilities to ensure welfare of your pets and neighbors. The Animal Welfare Board of India, the first of its kind to be established by any Government in the world, was set up in 1962, in accordance with Section 4 of the […]

How much exercise does my dog need?

There is no one size fit all when it comes to the amount of exercise each dog requires on a regular basis to maintain optimal health. The exercise needs of your furry family member depend on variety of factors. Some of the things to consider are: its size, breed, any existing injury, and current age. […]

Why my dog needs to exercise?

A tired dog is a happy dog! Every dog no matter what the size or breed requires some kind of daily exercise to expend the extra energy to maintain health and fitness. Exercise helps improve dog’s physical and mental health. Regular exercise also helps reduce some behavioral problems caused out of anxiety or boredom. The […]

How Strong Is Dog Sense of Smell?

As dog lovers, we all are aware that dogs have a super sense of smell. The process of smelling known as Olfaction is a dog’s primary sense. Dogs have superhero smelling powers. They can trace its scent from a distance of approximately 1.6 kilometers. That’s pretty far! The part of Dog’s brain that controls smell […]

5 Amazing Dog Parks Benefits in India

If you live in the biggest Indian metro cities, like Mumbai, Bangalore or Delhi to name a few, then it is very likely that you don’t have a doggy-day-out ritual with your pet. We are not talking about walking your dog; we are talking about taking your dog to have fun in dog parks! With […]

8 Great Benefits of Dog Day Care

Doggie day care can be a dream come true for busy dog owners who work long hours, leave their dogs home alone or simply don’t have time to provide the necessary attention, daily exercise and socialization opportunities that dogs need. Dog day care can be also a great option if you need someone to look […]

Foods Not To Give To Your Dog

While it is tempting to share your food with your fury family member, you should be aware that many of the human foods are poisonous for dogs. You should avoid ordering foods for your dog from the below menu. APPETIZERS  Baby Food – Many people try to give baby foods especially to pups when they are […]

25 Things Everyone Should Know Before Getting a Dog

Are you thinking about getting a puppy or dog? If you are, there are some important things that you should be aware about being a dog owner. First time dog owners who take their time to learn before buying or adopting a dog are more likely to enjoy having a dog. Lack of information or […]

Deccan Herald Article: Loyal Companionship

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