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Dogs are the most amazing creatures who only know how to give unconditional love. Dogs give us their absolute all. We are the center of their universe. Dogs put their complete trust and faith in us. They teach us perseverance, selflessness, responsibility, and compassion. Dogs have short lives, but they spend most of it waiting for us to come home. Dogs do goofy things just to make us smile!

Dogs do a lot for us. Shouldn’t we also care about their happiness?

As pet parents, we provide good living environment to dogs and families that love them. We try to give them healthy food. We take dogs for walk once or twice a day. We take them to Vet when they fall sick. We do all of these things because they are necessary.

Pet parents who consider dogs as part of their family usually go beyond the necessary things. They spend quality time with their furry friends on a daily basis. They teach their pets new tricks. They celebrate birthdays of their pooches. They bring treats and toys. All of these things are wonderful and pets do appreciate them. Why not go an extra mile and give the best gift to your pet that can help improve health and wellness of your pooch?

Pets with limited opportunities for active play and socialization often suffer from health related issues as they grow older. This means, pet parents will need to spend more money on Vet visits in golden years of their pet’s life and poor pet will have to suffer the pain. However, you now have an opportunity to help your furry friend lead a healthy and happy life.

We are offering limited number of Annual memberships to Petboro Dog Park where your pet can engage in active play and socialization on a routine basis.

Special Dog Park Membership Features:

  • Good for 365 days from the purchase date.
  • Unlimited number of entry days. Visit as many days as you like for one year. Maximum two hours of playtime session per day per member dog.
  • Dog Park entry for one dog and two people.
  • Canine health and wellness.
  • Unlimited fun for dog.
  • Only Rs. 500 / month, billed annually.
  • Only 25 special memberships are available.
  • Special offer expires on 19/2/2017.

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This special offer is available to first 25 people only and expires on 19/2/2017. Grab Yours Before It’s Gone! Your Pet Deserves it! 

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