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News9 TV Channel Special Report on Petboro Dog Park

The popular English TV news channel News9 in Bengaluru featured Petboro Dog Park. Woof…Woof!!! Here is a part of excerpts from the special TV report and full video: Bengaluru is certainly a pet friendly city. We have seen a lot of pet cafeterias and restaurants, but have you ever come across a pet park? If […]

Petboro Dog Park – Favourite Spot For Bangalore Pets

All sizes and ages of dogs love to run around, jump, and play with other four-legged friends. Regular playtime helps dogs release excess energy, reducing bevavioural issues. Exercising in fun ways help pets stay fit and active. Dogs are pack animals. They love to be with other dogs. Socialising with other furry friends also help […]

How to Teach Your Dog To Jump


Whether you want your dog to participate in an agility championship, get necessary exercise or just have fun, every dog can benefit from jumping. It is not difficult to train your dog do the cool jump trick. What you will need Dog Jump Bar (Available at Petboro Dog Park) Leash Your Dog Dog Treats Step […]